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We'll see you at the Northwest Tequila Festival in Seattle on August 24th and 25th and then we have Baja workshops planned for September 21/22nd and 28th/29th in San Juanico - come on down!
We'll see you July 13th at GreenLife in West Seattle, WA. then at the Northwest Tequila Festival on August 24th/25th.
Come down to the Leary Traveler for the on 6/22/2013 for the Annual Fremont Solstice Parade.We'll be having a moonshine fundraiser/solar demo! Come check it out!
Thanks to everyone that came out for the fundraiser at the Great Nabob!

Green-Go Solar Project Fundraiser
Great demo and workshop at the 3rd Annual Longboard Surfing Festival in San Juanico!
Come see us at our upcoming fundraiser at the Great Nabob in Queen Anne Seattle April 27th 2013 at 7:00 pm!
New workshops set for Jan 5th and 6th - we'll see you there! Talleres nuevos marcado para dias 24 y 25 de Noviembre...nos vemos alli!
Web Flyer
New workshops set for Nov 24th and 25th - we'll see you there! Talleres nuevos marcado para dias 24 y 25 de Noviembre...nos vemos alli!
Web Flyer
New workshops set for Oct 3rd through 7th - we'll see you there! Talleres nuevos marcado para dias 3 hasta 7 de Octubre...nos vemos alli!
Another great run! - fotos aqui
Green-Go T-shirts are in! - Thank you Ross and Travis!
Get yours now!
Green-Go Solar Project T-shirts are in!
We're taking it to Cambodia! - learn more here
New Green-Go T-shirts coming soon - Thank you, Ross!
New workshop set for July 25th to Aug 1st - we'll see you there! Taller nuevo marcado para dia 25 de Julio hasta dia 1 de Augosto...nos vemos alli!
Solar Workshop
Otra Corrida Buena!...Another great run!
Felicitaciones to Dave from Waves from Development and good luck, Glenn and Dr. Don!
Another New Panel, Built by Dave From Waves from Development!
We'll be doing a short presentation at Surfrider Seattle at Ridge Pizza - we'll see you there
Vive El Burro!
We've boosted production capacity at Burro en Primavera with a new panel to power their internet
New Panel installed at the Burro!
Constuction begins for our new palapa tower at el Rancho Solar
Camisas Green-Go vienen pronto!
Green-Go t-shirts on the way...stay tuned!
Ya regresamos a San Juanico!
Proximo taller marcado dias 30 de Octubre - 5 de Noviembre
Next workshop scheduled for the 30th of October to the 5th of November
Otro taller completo! Felicitaciones a Ross, Dennis, Tommy, Levi, Rob and Don!
Had a great time at the Rising Tide Symposium - Thank you to Jess Ponting for inviting us!
New workshop coming September 21-22nd. We'll see you in San Juanico!
Can't wait to head to the Rising Tide Symposium in San Diego on September 17th!
It's presented by SDSU's Center for Surf Research - We'll be putting the word out and then it's back to San Juanico!
Another 3 KW of cells on the way...Thank you Everbright Solar!!!
Everbright Solar
We're online - Internet now available at el Rancho Solar!
Otra escuela iluminada!
We just got done with an install at the kindergarten in Laguna San Ignacio!
Gracias a Tony Moats, Chris Cottle, Jesus Mayoral, Baja School Friends y toda la communidad de LSI!
Kindergarten Install
Ya vamos a Laguna San Ignacio!...Laguna San Ignacio, here we come! We're making plans with Baja School Friends and Philanthropiece to install solar power to the local school in LSI
Another KW of cells on the way...Thank you Everbright Solar!!!
Otra corrida buena! - Another successful run!
Felicitaciones al Burro, Casimiro y Luz...dale Tony y Juan!
Solar Class
We've now got el Burro en Primavera lit with 100% solar energy - Dale Manuel!
We're headed back to San Juanico March 5th - 11th - We'll see you there!
Ano Nuevo, Placa Nueva - Testing the V5 glass-sandwich now
Another 3 successful panels running now and another on the way
Another workshop scheduled from Nov 26th - 28th. We'll see you there.
Another couple installs - Congrats, Todd and THANK YOU San Juanico!!!
The Airstream made it! Lot purchased and plans begin for "el Rancho Solar"
Another 2.5KW of cells headed south!
V2 Prototype design now in process
30ft. Airstream trailer has been acquired and is headed for our new Baja Facility
The V1 prototype is now up and producing 60W/17.5V for ~$60 USD
The V1 prototype construction is under way

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Viene un Dia Nuevo - A New Day is Coming

"The mission of the Green Go Solar Project is to provide affordable and accessible solar energy
to the underprivileged through education, hands-on participation, and service."
The Green Go Solar Project uses cosmetically rejected solar cells to teach people without electricity how to build working solar panels from recycled material. We provide hands-on vocational and educational opportunities to learn the basics of DIY "green" technologies for students,enthusiasts, and those that can not afford conventional retail equipment of this nature.

Participants utilize these solar cells/components and local materials to learn to construct solar panels. These panels are then put to work in off-grid applications, generating electric power in the local community. Students leave the workshops with both solar cells and the working knowledge and training to use them to create their own solar panel.

We demonstrate the benefits of renewable power through practical instruction and service that improves people's lives.

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Amazing solar workshop in Puerto Jimenez in the wild Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica!

  Can't wait to go back next year...

¡Que taller solar en Puerto Jimenez en la Penìnsula Osa de Costa Rica!

  No podemos esperar para el próximo...
Solar panel build workshop in Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Solar panel build workshop with high school students in Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Solar panel install workshop at Escuela la Balsa in Puerto Jimenez - Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
  More photos coming to the gallery soon or see them here.
  Más fotos vienen pronto o velos aquí.
placa nueva de 230 watts
¡Felicitaciones al Penguino y la Karen por su placa nueva!
Cuestas en pesos Mexicanos:
Vidrio - 200 pesos
Madera - 130 pesos
Varias otros materiales - 200 pesos
Celdas Solares/alambre/diodo - 1000 pesos
Tiempo en construir - 8 a 9 horas

Cuesta total para +- 230 Watts, hecho por mano en San Juanico BCS - 1530 pesos (6.65 pesos/Watt)
-Cuesta para una placa de la fabrica de lo mismo potencial - 5000 a 7000 pesos (21-30 pesos/Watt)
-Gasolina para un viaje a La Paz (para comprar la placa de la tienda) de San Juanico BCS - 1200 pesos
-Tiempo en manejar para un viaje a La Paz de San Juanico BCS - 10 horas


Congrats to Chris "el Penguin" and Karen for their newest panel!
Costs in USD:
Glass - $15
Wood - $10
Various other building materials - $16
Solar cells, wire, diode - $83
Build time - 8 to 9 hours

Total cost for +- 230 Watts, created by hand with local materials in San Juanico, BCS - $127 (.55 Watt)
-Cost for a 230 Watt retail panel in BCS - $415 - 583 ($1.80-$2.50/Watt)
-Average cost of gasoline to drive to La Paz and back to purchase panel - $100
-Average round trip driving time to La Paz - 10 hours